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Hey Guys! Today I'm going to show you how to make a super simple plush heart pillow.


There are so many uses for these cute tulle flowers. I stitched mine to a pin backing, but you can glue them to barrettes or headbands, or even use as gift wrapping.

First you're going to need to draw out your flower shape. Here's the one that I did. I printed one out 4" wide, and one 3" wide. Next time I think I might even go bigger!

Using fabrics in varying shades add dimension. I used tulle for my flowers, but you could use net, chiffon and even organza.


Cut out strips of fabric a little wider that your template, and then fold the stripes to the templates size. Pin all the layers together and cut them out.

I cut out a bunch in different sizes and colors so I could play around with combinations before I stitched them together.

Place your stacks of petals together and play around with volume. I really liked my flowers to have lots of layers.

Next stitch the layers together by sewing an X in the center. If you pull the thread tight your petals will start to curl up. I used clear thread.

At this point you could sew some beads or buttons in the center. I did that for some, but for this particular one I wanted the center of the flower puff up. To do this I stitched a small circle in the center with a running stitch. I only went through a few of the top layers.

Then pull your thread tight and the center fabric will wrinkle up around itself. Keeping the thread taut, insert your needle into the center pulling through to the back. Knot the thread, cut off the excess and you're done!

Now you can start adorning everything you own in beautiful fabric flowers! Have fun :-)

*Misty is a full time fashion designer and part time crafter. You can find more of her work on her blogĀ

Happy New Years to all our crafters, sewers, artisans and friends!

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